Thursday, April 29, 2010

Brushing teeth

We brushed Connor's teeth for the first time tonight. He always takes mine and Adam's toothbrushes and carries them around, so we decided we should start brushing his teeth! He LOVED it!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pistachio ice cream

For the past few weeks, I've been teaching Colton some basic information. I wanted him to learn his full name, his birthday, both mine and Adam's first names, and my cell phone number, just in case of an emergency. I told him that as soon as he learned it all I would take him to Braums for ice cream. Well, today he finally got my phone number down (which was the last thing he needed on the list)! I am so proud of him! It took him awhile to figure out that my phone number has two 0's in it because the last four digits are 6001. He kept saying 601. He finally got it, and so we went to Braums after dinner tonight. We walk up to the ice cream, and Adam lifts Colton up, and Colton points to the pistachio ice cream and says, "I want pistachio!" WHAT? How did he know that was pistachio, and WHY would he want Pistachio ice cream?? haha. He has been watching a Veggietales movie over and over that is called Pistachio. So, I asked the lady at Braums if he could taste the Pistachio ice cream to see if he liked it, and sure enough, Colton got a scoop of pistachio ice cream on a cone, and ate every bit of it! What a wierdo.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

11 Hours

Guess what? Last night, Connor officially slept through the night!!!! 7:00 PM-6:15 AM!!!!!!! I then nursed him at 6:15, and he went back to sleep 'til 7:45! I was a happy happy mommy. The last few nights, he had been waking up at around 5 AM to nurse, so I knew he was getting close to sleeping 'til morning. I hope he continues to do this well. Yippie!!

I took him in for his year check up (I know, a month late!), and he is only on the 65% in weight, and 85% in height! He is so much smaller than Colton ever was! I guess its cause he just started eating solids a few weeks ago. He still LOVES to nurse....but he'll at least eat some food at mealtimes.

I'll post some pics soon! I'm off to sit on the couch...we went to the arts festival today and the boys wore Adam and I out!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Random Pics

I know....Connor looks like a redneck! He had a shirt on with those overalls, I swear! It got dirty while we were playing outside.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Hey guess what everyone?? We bought a new computer today! For the past few days, I've been without a remote (Connor or Colton, I'm not sure which, put our remote behind the refrigerator!), so I finally found it yesterday! But, anyway, I've been without a TV, and without a computer! I was back in the dark ages....haha. So I'm feeling really happy today! TV and Computer are back! Here are a couple of pics from Easter since I was never able to post any. I know the wrestling one looks like Connor was getting his butt kicked...but they were having fun! I swear!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Time out?

Earlier today, Colton noticed that there was one chocolate covered pretzel left and asked me if he could have it. I told him that he could break it in half and give Connor half, and eat the other half. (mainly because we are really working on sharing). So, Colton runs off to get the pretzel, and promptly returns to the room with the entire pretzel in his mouth. I said, " Colton, what did I tell you to do with the pretzel?" and he said, " break it and give Connor some". And I said "yes, you didn't listen. What happens when you don't listen?" and he said "time out". And I said " yes. Go sit in time out". So, he goes to sit in time out. While he was in time out, I made a point to get Connor a jelly bean so that he could have a " treat" since Coltons treat was his pretzel. When his time was up, the conversation went like this:

Me: Colton, why were you in time out?
Colton: I don't know. Tell me why.
Me: no, I won't tell you why. You need to tell me.
Colton: did I push Connor?
Me: no.
Colton: what did I do?
Colton: what happened?
Me: what did you do with the pretzel?
Colton: I didn't break it.
Me: yes. So you didn't listen. You need to tell mommy sorry.
Colton: sorry for not listening. Can I have a jelly bean?

Honestly!!!!! What???


The last two nights Connor has only woken up once!!! Both nights it was around 3:00. I'm sooo happy to be getting sleep!! Maybe "sleeping through the night" is a developmental milestone for babies, and Connor is getting close! Honestly, I don't mind waking up once at night, knowing that it could be worse.

So last night, I took the boys to watch Uncle Jeff coach soccer at Memorial. They loved it!! Connor kept pointing to the field and saying "ball". And Colton was more concerned about why the concession stand was closed. He kept asking why it wasn't open. After the game, Colton saw the girl soccer team warming up, and he turned to Jeff and asked why the girls were wearing their pajamas. You never know what they're gonna say.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


I know I've been slacking off and not posting, but our computer is still completely worthless. I think it's beyond recovering, so we've been looking into getting a new computer!! Blogs are so boring with no pictures. So in order not to bore everyone, I chose not to post at all! We are in the car now on our way home from Austin. I left my babies for 3 nights with my parents! It's the first time I've ever left Connor overnight! It was awesome to actually get 3 nights of uninterupted sleep! It was a much needed time away with my husband- even if it was a buisness trip. I never knew lake Travis was so beautiful. I almost wanted to move to Austin after this trip!

I promise to blog crazy stories about my kids this week. And for those of you who are wondering-- Connor is still a terrible sleeper.....