Friday, May 28, 2010


We were in the car today and this was the conversation:

Connor: waaaaaaa
Me: Aw Connor, I'll hold you when we get there. Its tough being a baby huh?
Colton: Why is it tough being a baby?
Me: Because Connor can't talk well enough to tell me what he wants, so he just cries.
Connor: waaaaaa
Colton: Connor, why are you crying?
Connor: Staring at Colton....
Colton: Are you crying because your shoe is untied?
Connor: nodding yes
Colton: mommy, Connor wants his shoe tied.
Me: okay. I'll do it when we get there.
Colton: Connor, is that the only reason you are crying?
Connor: nodding yes.
Colton: See, mommy, I'm just making sure that Connor is happy.


Thursday, May 27, 2010


Colton and I were in the car this morning, after going to the library to rent Shrek. Colton normally talks nonstop while we were in the car, but he was pretty quiet, so I said " Colton, are you okay? Are you excited about Shrek?" And Colton said, " I'm okay, Its just my allergies." Seriously? What a nut.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Sleep Lady results

I realized that I never finished "The Sleep Lady" stuff. For those of you who are interested....I continued to do many of the sleep lady book stuff and the "no cry sleep solution book" ideas, and Connor is finally sleeping soooooo well!! Yippie! And I never had to let him "cry-it-out". For the past few weeks or so, he has been going to bed at 7:20, awake in his crib, and not needing me until about 4-5 AM for a feeding. I nurse him, and he sleeps til 6:30 or so. I'm so happy! And his naps are so much better now because he is sleeping better at night. (one of the books said that good nighttime sleep = good day time naps). So true in our case. After I put him to bed tonight, I went back into his room to get is laundry, and he was still awake, and he stood up and I said, "go night-night Connor." And he laid right back down. This is amazing!!! haha. Some things that I think helped:

1. We introduced a "night-night" or lovey- whatever you call it. Its a bear that he calls bear-bear. We snuggled and nursed with it for a couple of weeks, and now he sleeps with it every night and every nap time.
2. I have a sound machine that plays the ocean in his room. Its not necessarily to drown out noise- I think it has been a great sleep association for him. When I turn on the sound machine, he knows its time for bed.
3. I used the key words "go night-night" every time I laid him down.
4. i made his bedtime earlier so that he isn't overtired when its time to go to bed.
5. He's finally eating more solids!!! Still nursing 6-8 times a day, but I think the solids are helping him sleep.

I am so happy that he is sleeping well finally. I am also happy that I never had to resort to letting him cry. I just had to teach him that he doesn't need me every time he wakes up in the night.

Monday, May 24, 2010

You can call me....

I took Colton to the audiologist today to check out his hearing. He had never met this doctor, and was being pretty shy. He hadn't spoken a word since we got into the exam room, and all of a sudden, he blurts out "my name is Colton Scott Nevitt!" And the doctor smiled and said, well, what should I call you? And Colton said "you can call me Scott."

WHAT??? I was laughing so hard I almost peed my pants.

2nd story of the day. Every night, after dinner, I put the boys in the bathtub together. Colton, on purpose, "forgets" to go potty in the toilet before getting in the bathtub, because he enjoys peeing in the water. Wierdo. Anyway, so he gets in the bath and says "oops mommy, I forgot to go pee-pee. Can I do it in here?" And lazy mommy says, "yeah whatever go ahead." And I stepped out the the room for one second to put the boys clothes in the hamper, and I hear Connor screaming. Can you guess what happened? Colton stood up and was peeing straight on Connor's face. It sucks being the baby brother.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Connor LOVES to read books!! He was reading the 5 Little Monkey's Jumping on the Bed, and I looked over there, and he was hitting himself on the head as he was reading it (because the monkey's were bumping their heads!). He's adorable!

Monday, May 3, 2010


A few weeks ago, the bank across the street from our neighborhood on Santa Fe was robbed. We drove by the bank, and there were lots of police cars and the bank doors had yellow caution tape across them. Colton asked me what was going on, and I explained that a mean man went into the bank with a gun and robbed the bank. He, of course, started asking all kinds of questions, and I explained it the best I could.

So, today, we were at the zoo, and we walked up to the monkey exhibit, which is inside of a building, and the building had yellow caution tape across the doors because they were doing construction. Colton looked at me with a very worried expression and asked, "mommy, why were the monkeys robbed?"


Yesterday, Adam was playing outside with the boys with the water hose. Adam started quizzing Colton on all the information we had him learn in case of an emergency. Anytime he would miss, Adam would spray him with the hose. Colton was LOVING the game! Here's how the conversation went:

Colton: Daddy, lets play that game!
Adam: Ok, Whats your name?
Colton: Colton Scott Nevitt!
Adam: How old are you?
Colton: 2!!
Adam: When's your birthday?
Colton: August 2nd!
Adam: What's mommy's name?
Colton: Mommy Jessica!
Adam: Whats my name?
Colton: Daddy Adam!
Adam: What's mommy's phone number:
Colton: 570-601!!
Adam: (as he's spraying Colton): NO!! Whats mommy's phone number?
Colton: 570-6001!!!
Adam: Yes! What street do you live on? (we haven't taught him this yet)
Colton: THIS ONE!!!

HAHA You never know what they will say.